Orange Self KYC Registration Platform

Why we do KYC

  • KYC (Know Your Customer) is a mandatory compliance requirement for all Orange customers.
  • It aims to reduce the risk of identity theft and fraudulent activities. This KYC process is non-negotiable and applies to all our customers. Rest assured, all personal data collected is stored with utmost security.

What to have Ready

  • Mobile Number
  • Botswana ID Document or Non-Batswana Passport
  • Cell Phone with a reliable camera for taking pictures and video

Complete your KYC process in a few steps

  1. Step 1: Type in your phone number so that we validate it
  2. Step 2: Once validated you may type in other orange numbers you have so we add them to your profile
  3. Step 3: Type in your plot number, street names or locale, village or city
  4. Step 4: Take pictures of your ID or Passport Document
  5. Step 5: Take selfie video

By continuing with this process flow, I do hereby agree to orange collecting my information and I agree to their terms for data collections and processing

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